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Symphony brings together all of your digital marketing tools into one place. The last platform you'll need.

Build your site
Collect fan data, promote your latest release, and track your audience with Symphony’s customizable website builder.
Track your fanbase
Track your entire audience across social + content platforms in one place. No more hopping between platforms.
Automate your ads
AI-powered social ads to help you grow reach, followers, views, sales - whatever you want. An easier way to grow and scale your growth.
Own your data
A built-in CRM and data collection tools to help you collect, analyze, and own your data, transforming raw information into meaningful insights.
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Grow Streams and Followers using our Grow Playlist Followers Playbook

Biking with Francis
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Run up your followers in no time

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Grow 100x streams & monthly listeners

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Her fans will never miss another release

Summer Walker
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Features ⚡

Simple marketing that lives in your pocket

Unlock audience insights
Build your hub and collect data
Your email list, your ads data, your website data, your social data - all in one place. We centralize everything so you can understand your audience + grow your audience more easily.
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Connected to everything
Track growth across all your platforms
Symphony connects with your primary social + content platforms to make it easier to track your growth across your entire audience.
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Affordable and accessible
All-in-one for one price
We want to make digital marketing more accessible and affordable. No more juggling multiple tools and subscriptions.
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Integrated AI Tools
Automate marketing with AI powered ads
Reach your target audience effortlessly with tailored, time-saving marketing campaigns across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
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Grow in sales
Run ad campaigns to any website - with built-in support with the Facebook Conversions API.
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Grow in followers
Find new followers + viewers for your content across Instagram and YouTube.
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Grow in streams
Reach new fans and boost your listenership + streams on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.
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