Case Studies

Äyanna ran up comments and views

Using Symphony's Increase Video Views Playbook and Increase Streams Playbook to amplify the engagement for her breakout single

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May 7, 2024

Ayanna and her team knew she was breaking out. They wanted to make sure her newest single Girlfriend would be heard and seen! Use This Strategy Now.

The Question❓

Ayanna’s team was going with a visual rollout and wanted to ensure that enough people saw the creativity they put behind her first rollout, highlighting the song Girlfriend.

The Idea💡

Ayanna’s team knew the music and the visuals would attract fans; they just needed the plan to get the music and visuals in front of potential fans' eyes.

Ayanna’s team knew Symphony could do the job. With Symphony’s AI custom audiences and the power of conversions, it was only a matter of time before fans would embrace the visuals.

The Answer ✅

Using our Increase Video Views Playbook, they targeted topics such as R&B, Pop and Music Videos. They also used the more engagement option along with the increase Views option.

They also utilized the Increase Music Streams Playbook, using this video along with a link that directed viewers right to the YouTube Video, resulting in comments such as “I saw this through an ad. couldn’t skip it. God Bless you!!!! This shit is beyond dope!!!! I’m subscribing lol”.

The Results 📈

More fans, More Views, More Comments, and More Likes

Look what those who saw the ad had to say!