Case Studies

Grow 100x streams & monthly listeners

JOG, a new artist aiming to boost his streams, sought playlist guidance to match his melancholic song's vibe authentically.

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May 7, 2024

JOG was a new artist and wanted an organic way to grow his streams and monthly listeners; the only issue was that he wasn't sure where his song would resonate with playlists. Using our curated playlist playbook… he found answers and results. Use This Strategy Now

The Question❓

JOG knew his song was melancholy and could resonate with certain playlists. However, he was worried about other playlist websites using bots and needed direction on which playlists could work.

The Idea💡

JOG came up with his playlist pitch and used the Symphony Pro discount to get our lowest-cost playlist option of thirty thousand followers or more

JOG included in his pitch that the song would resonate for more moody listeners, with a very chill vibe that was almost dream-like

The Answer ✅

While he was declined from a few playlists, he was able to be accepted into two with a following count of 42,300 well over the 30,000

The Results 📈

Super-charged Streams

And a Whole lot of up!