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We're back in the lab with new updates across Websites + Ads

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April 25, 2024
Megh Vakharia
CEO & Founder, Symphony

Our team’s been back in the lab cooking up new features, and with this latest push - we’ve added a bunch of highly-requested updates across the board, for both the Website tool + Ads campaigns:

  • 💰 Meet the Referral Program
  • 🔗 Add a custom image / video to your Data Collector
  • Track streaming clicks for Conversions campaigns
  • Re-arrange your links in any order
  • Track cost-per-conversion in Daily Stats + Markets

We’re back in shipping season - even more updates coming soon 😈 check it out ⬇️⬇️⬇️

💰 Meet the Referral Program

Invite friends, get paid

We dropped a big update to our Referral Program - it’s a way for you to get paid when you invite friends to the platform: you get $10 / month (for up to 12 months) for every user you refer who subscribes to Pro.

1. 📝 Sign up & Get your Link

Get your referral link from the Symphony Referral tab: https://beta.symphonyos.co/refer

2. 💬 Share, post, and invite

Share your Symphony link with anyone who could benefit. Tweet it out, add it to your IG bio, make a TikTok video—the options are limitless!

3. 💰 Earn up to $120 / year

Earn money every time someone subscribes to Symphony Pro through your link. That's $10 per month for each user who signs up. Referring just 10 friends could mean $1,200 per year in passive income for you

🔗 Add a custom image / video to your Data Collector

Two weeks since launch and we’re running quick to drop even more customizations!

Pro members now have access to the “Full Video” theme for their Data Collector site - also available for Music Sites.

it’s a movie

You can also now upload any image or GIF as your primary picture for Data Collector Sites - just select “Cover Photo”, upload a new pic, and you’re good to go!

Check it out in the Website Editor - now live for all new + existing Websites!

Track streaming platforms for Conversions campaigns

We just dropped the ability to track your Conversions campaigns all the way down to individual streaming services

More specifically: if you enable Symphony Conversions, and run an “Increase Music Streams” campaign, you’ll now be able to see exactly which streaming platforms new fans went to after clicking on your ad.

This update brings together our Website data with our Ads data in a new way, and makes it super easy to track exactly where your ad clicks are going in realtime. To take advantage of this update - enable Symphony Conversions, and submit an “Increase Music Streams” campaign!

🔗 Customize the order of website links

This is a small update that works for all Symphony Websites: you can now re-arrange your streaming links + custom links for Music Sites, and re-arrange your custom fields for Data Collector sites.

Just hold down on the “draggable” icon to the left of any link, and move it up or down to dynamically re-order your links

Now live for all new + existing Websites!

🎯 Track cost-per-conversion in Daily Stats + Markets analytics

This is a highly requested feature - you can now track “Cost-per-Conversion” and total Conversions broken down over time under “Daily Stats”, and broken down by every country / city you’ve targeted under “Markets”.

You asked, we answered. This is now live for all new “Increase Music Streams” + “Increase Link Clicks” Conversions campaigns.

Hit us up if there are other data points you want added!

👀 What’s next…

We’re focusing all efforts on your feedback - a lot more updates are on the way based on what you’ve told us you want, including:

  • International Pre-saves
  • The ability to extend campaigns + view audiences
  • Marketing playbooks tied to new goals
  • More Website types

This is just the start to a new season of shipping at Symphony HQ.

Hit us directly if you have any feedback or ideas, we love hearing from the community!