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Run up your followers in no time

Utilizing Symphony’s auto-follow boost alongside pre-saves, she seamlessly converted engaged listeners into followers.

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May 7, 2024

Shreea Kaul's team wanted to react to a viral moment and get new followers as fans gained interest in her new song. Using Symphony’s auto-follow boost with pre-saves, they did just that.

The Question❓

Shreea Kaul's team was gearing up for a new release and was excited to promote it. They wanted to make sure that when fans got this album, and that the fans who pre-saved made sure to follow her, too.

The Idea💡

Symphony has cracked the Boost Followers feature, which automatically allows fans to follow the artist when they pre-save a song                                                                  

Utilizing this one-in-the-industry tool, Shreea Kaul's team would ensure that her fans would never miss her next release.

The Answer ✅

Utilizing all of Symphony’s pre-save boosts would allow Shreea Kaul's team to reach their goal. They were able to collect fan data, including name, email, and location.

They boosted followers! Any fan who pre-saves automatically will follow your streaming service profile.

And lastly, they had the forever save

The Results 📈

New Fans!

And 4280 fans who followed her!