Symphony University - Ep. 1: How to Gain your First 100 Fans

"How to Gain Your First 100 Fans." Megh, the co-founder of Symphony, takes us through a comprehensive guide on leveraging technology and data to build a solid fan base from scratch.

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May 9, 2024
Bo Wilke
Head of Customer Experience

Video Summary

In the opening episode of Symphony University's YouTube series "How to Gain Your First 100 Fans," CEO Megh shares invaluable insights on using technology and data to build a solid fan base in the music industry. Drawing from his journey from tech to music, he emphasizes the power of digital marketing and the strategic use of data, discussing how transitioning from creating artist websites to a focused digital marketing approach helped Symphony become a leader in artist promotion. He advocates for a strong online presence and targeted social media engagement as more effective than traditional radio play, and other old-school music marketing tactics.

The video delves into practical strategies for budding artists, highlighting the importance of understanding core metrics like save rates and streams per listener to tailor marketing efforts. Megh introduces Symphony Conversions, an innovative tool designed to optimize ad campaigns and simplify data handling, urging artists to leverage pre-saves and engage with fans creatively during the pre-release phase to build lasting relationships. These foundational strategies,  are crucial for artists aiming to make a significant impact in the competitive music industry.