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SymphonyOS and UnitedMasters have joined forces to give UM SELECT Artists a new way to automate their marketing.*

14 Day Free Trial

UnitedMasters SELECT artists get a 2-week free trial of Symphony Pro.

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Get discounted access for your entire first year on a Symphony Pro monthly subscription

Join the thousands of creatives growing their fanbase with AI-powered marketing

“For any artist serious about growing their fanbase, Symphony is a must.

“For any artist serious about growing their fanbase, Symphony is a must.Their ability to automate ad campaigns and extract valuable insight gives users a unique blend of dependability & simplicity.”



“Symphony is an incredible resource for today’s music entrepreneur and artist.

As a full time artist manager for 4 artists and the CEO of a record label, my goal everyday is to promote my artist’s music and scale their careers as quickly as possible, with long-term career sustainability in mind.


CEO, Breakroom 17

“Symphony is a necessity for all artists.

Their automated ad campaigns and other marketing tools have allowed me to grow my following and listeners across all platforms!”

-Christof Hunte

Pop Artist


Automated Marketing

Run AI-powered social ads that help you actually grow.

Symphony's marketing automation platform runs ads on Instagram, YouTube, and (soon) TikTok. Our in-house ads AI Maestro is trained on over 125 million fans, so every dollar spent on marketing helps you grow.


Your AI Marketing Assistant

Meet Maestro - the world's first marketing AI focused on helping artists & creators grow, powered by GPT-4 (the AI behind ChatGPT).

Just tell Maestro what you want to grow and you'll get personal recommendations using our best practices.


Deeper Fanbase Insights

Track your fan's names, locations, preferred streaming platforms and anything else.

Understand how your fanbase is growing with Symphony’s Fans CRM & Dashboard technology - one place to track how your entire business is growing.


Tracking everything that matters to you

Symphony integrates with every platform you care about. One place to manage everything.

Join the thousands of creatives growing their fanbase with AI-powered marketing

SymphonyOS brings the best in marketing tools to every UnitedMasters SELECT artist. Get started for free and take advantage of your exclusive perks.

Frequently Asked Questions


UnitedMasters SELECT artists are only eligible for discounts if they meet the following criteria & terms:

(a) The artist is not already using SymphonyOS' services and is starting a new user profile;

(b) The artist hasn't been using SymphonyOS' services within the last three months;

(c) The artist used UnitedMasters' Affiliate Link to sign up for their SymphonyOS profile, and subscribed to Pro within the redemption eligibility period of the first 90 days after signup.

(d) The 25% discount is only applicable to Symphony Pro's monthly plan (for up to 12 months of subscription)