One tool to manage everything

Symphony brings your entire artist marketing workflow into one place.


Automated Marketing

Symphony's marketing automation platform is geared towards streamlining your fanbase growth, and is trained on over 125 million fans.

  • Grow Every Platform: Seamlessly run marketing to increase streams, build followers, and grow sales.

  • Smarter Targeting: Target both existing fans and bring in new fans with Symphony's streamlined targeting tools.

  • Build in the Right Places: Symphony lets you target your marketing down to the city - build your touring fanbase or go global.


Deeper Fanbase Insights

Understand how your fanbase is growing with Symphony’s Fanbase tracking technology.

  • Everything in One Place: Symphony tracks stats daily across the platforms that matter to you - no more hopping between apps.

  • Smart Visualizations: Get insights on how your fanbase is growing with easy-to-read, transparent visualizations.

  • Track Superfans: With Symphony’s Fanbase tool, see who your *most* engaged fans are - the one’s who will buy all your merch and sell out your shows.


Smarter Pre-saves

Grow your day 1 streams and collect fan data with Symphony’s advanced pre-saves suite.

  • Own your Data: When a fan pre-saves, you’ll see their name, platform, and location - own your data, own your future.

  • Fully Customizable Design: Customize your pre-save with a variety of styles and colors - with over 1 million different combinations to reflect your brand.

  • Multi-Platform Support: Reach fans everywhere with built-in pre-save functionality for Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.


Reach your Fans Directly

Engage with your fans directly with Symphony's Fanbase tool.

  • Direct-to-Fan: Skip the algorithms and reach your fans at anytime with streamlined email marketing tools.

  • Superfan CRM: Track your fan's names, locations, preferred streaming platforms and anything else.

  • Deeper Insights: See which fans are engaging the most with your content, down to the ones who are clicking on your messages.

The Dashboard

Keep track of all your channels with your fans

Measure your growth and make data-driven decisions according to your fanbase behaviors

Marketing AI

Empowered marketing adds

Let Artificial intelligence run highly-targeted ads for Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, and more.


Tracking everything that matters to you

Symphony integrates with almost every platform, easily create your campaigns and reach your fans on every platform:

Built for the independent artists of tomorrow

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