Mehro, an emerging artist known for his captivating live performances, had invested extensively in various marketing efforts, including numerous direct ad buys. Despite his efforts, Mehro and his team sought a more efficient and effective way to drive streams and understand where his music resonated most. SymphonyOS provided the perfect solution.

The Goal ❓

Mehro’s team aimed to optimize their digital marketing strategy, ensuring their ads reached the right platforms and audiences. They wanted to understand which distribution platforms (DSPs) drove the most engagement and streams for mehro's music. Additionally, they needed a user-friendly tool that could deliver actionable insights without the need for extensive marketing expertise or a large budget.

The Strategy 💡

SymphonyOS offered a comprehensive solution with its advanced optimization features. By allowing the platform to decide where to drive the ads, Mehro’s team could efficiently identify which DSPs were performing best. The easy-to-understand dashboard provided clear, actionable data, making it accessible even for those new to digital marketing.

The Execution ✅

Mehro’s team used SymphonyOS to run ads that directed traffic to various DSPs, letting the algorithm optimize the campaigns for the best results. The user-friendly dashboard was instrumental in quickly identifying high-performing ads, allowing the team to pause underperforming ones and focus resources on successful campaigns. This approach minimized guesswork and maximized conversions.

One key learning was that Mehro’s live content performed significantly better than artsy music videos. The SymphonyOS dashboard helped the team understand that live content was more instantly recognizable and engaging for viewers, leading to better performance.

The Results 📈

The SymphonyOS platform delivered impressive results for Mehro:

  • Enhanced Conversions: The algorithm-driven approach led to better conversions than manually run ads, optimizing ad spend and maximizing engagement.
  • Actionable Insights: The dashboard provided clear, user-friendly data that helped the team make informed decisions quickly.
  • Content Optimization: By identifying the superior performance of live content, Mehro’s team was able to tailor their marketing strategy effectively.

Testimonials 🎤

Mehro’s team praised SymphonyOS for its efficiency and effectiveness:

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: “The dashboards themselves are great. The data that you see is very user-friendly, especially for people who don’t know how to run ads.”
  • Effective Optimization: “Feels like the [Symphony] algorithm knows what it’s doing, and it takes the thinking out of it. We see some pretty good conversions, sometimes better [results] than running ads manually.”
  • Supportive Team: “The performance works, the actual team is great and super helpful. Super responsive. They address technical problems head-on, unlike Facebook.”
  • Ease of Use: “Anyone can become a digital marketer”

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