Davido, an international music sensation, was gearing up for his Timeless Tour in the United States. With a scheduled performance in Chicago, his team knew they needed to ensure a sold-out show. Davido’s star power was undeniable, but to maximize attendance, they had to make sure every fan in the area was aware and excited about his upcoming concert.

The Goal ❓

Davido’s team had one clear goal: to sell out the Chicago show. They knew his loyal fanbase would flock to see him perform, but they needed an effective strategy to spread the word and boost ticket sales. The challenge was to create an advertising plan that would ensure every seat in the 10,000-capacity Credit Union 1 Arena was filled.

The Strategy 💡

To achieve their goal, Davido’s team turned to SymphonyOS and the Increase Link Click Playbook. They were confident that SymphonyOS's AI custom audiences and powerful conversion tracking would help them reach the right fans at the right time. This playbook was designed to use Facebook conversions to track and boost ticket purchases, similar to the strategies used in the Increase Music Streams campaign.

With a well-crafted tour ad asset and exceptional targeting, Davido’s team set their plan in motion. The advertising campaign focused on driving clicks and conversions, ensuring that potential concertgoers were not only aware of the event but also motivated to buy tickets.

The Results ✅

The results were outstanding. The strategic use of SymphonyOS's tools led to an impressive return on investment. With an average ticket price of $250, the campaign turned $1.28 into $250, achieving a remarkable 195x ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) per ticket. The Chicago show was a complete sell-out, filling the 10,000-capacity arena.

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