Barry Hendrixx

Barry Hendrixx, an up-and-coming independent artist with a unique sound, was determined to get his music heard by more people. He knew there was a fanbase out there that would resonate with his style, but finding them felt like searching for a needle in a haystack. Barry's main challenge was pinpointing the right audience without wasting his limited budget on ineffective targeting.

The Challenge ❓

Barry was confident that fans of certain similar-sounding artists would love his music too. The problem was, he wasn't sure which artists those were. He didn't want to drain his budget on guesswork, targeting the wrong audiences and getting minimal results. Barry needed a strategic approach to find his ideal listeners efficiently.

The Strategy 💡

That's when Barry discovered SymphonyOS and the Increase Music Streams playbook. This powerful tool promised to help artists like him boost their streams by creating targeted Instagram ads. The playbook's goal was to drive potential fans to Barry's song on their preferred streaming platforms.

Barry brainstormed a list of artists whose fans might enjoy his music: Juice WRLD, 24kGoldn, XXXTentacion, Justin Bieber, and Lil Peep. With a clear plan in mind, he utilized SymphonyOS's A/B testing feature to run small, controlled campaigns targeting fans of each artist. This approach allowed him to gather precise data without overspending. By leveraging the pause campaign feature, Barry could halt any ad that wasn't performing well, ensuring his budget was used effectively.

The Results ✅

After running his tests and analyzing the data, Barry identified the best-performing target group. With this valuable insight, he doubled down on his campaign, directing more resources toward the most responsive audience. The results were astounding. Barry's streams skyrocketed, and he saw a significant increase in his fanbase. The strategic use of SymphonyOS's tools enabled Barry to maximize his reach and make a substantial impact in the competitive music industry.

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