Summer Walker

Summer Walker, a sensational R&B artist, and her team were gearing up for a highly anticipated new release. They knew her fans were eagerly waiting for her next album, and they wanted to ensure that these loyal listeners never missed any of her future releases. However, they were not satisfied with the data they were getting from other pre-save platforms and needed a more efficient solution.

The Goal ❓

Summer Walker's team had a clear goal: to maximize fan engagement and data collection while ensuring that fans always received her newest releases. They wanted a strategy that would not only promote the upcoming album but also keep fans connected with every future release. The challenge was to find a way to collect valuable fan data and guarantee ongoing engagement.

The Strategy 💡

That's when Summer Walker's team turned to SymphonyOS and its innovative Pre-Save and Forever Save Playbook. SymphonyOS had introduced the unique Forever Save feature, allowing fans to save every upcoming release from an artist with just one click. This groundbreaking tool ensured that fans would never miss another release from Summer Walker.

Using SymphonyOS's pre-save boosts, her team set up a comprehensive campaign. They aimed to collect crucial fan data, including names, emails, and locations, while also boosting her follower count on streaming services. The pre-save boosts included an option where any fan who pre-saved the album would automatically follow Summer Walker's profile on Spotify.

The Results ✅

The results were exceptional. Utilizing SymphonyOS's tools, Summer Walker's team achieved remarkable engagement:

  • 42% of fans who pre-saved also utilized the Forever Save feature, ensuring they would never miss another release.
  • 100% of fans who pre-saved also followed her Spotify profile due to the boost followers option included in the pre-save campaign

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