Biking with Francis

Biking with Francis, a dynamic music trio, recently released their single "CERBERUS" and wanted to find a unique way to promote it. They curated a playlist that perfectly matched the vibes of their new track, aiming to grow both their playlist followers and the streams of "CERBERUS." SymphonyOS provided the ideal solution to achieve these goals.

The Goal ❓

Biking with Francis faced a challenge: how to effectively promote their new single while simultaneously growing their playlist followers. They had created a captivating playlist, but they were unsure how to attract listeners and increase engagement. Their goal was to find a strategic approach to drive traffic to their playlist and boost the streams of "CERBERUS."

The Strategy 💡

To achieve their goal, Biking with Francis turned to SymphonyOS and its Increase Music Streams Playbook. They used "CERBERUS" as the anchor for their playlist, linking the song inside the playlist and driving traffic to it using SymphonyOS's powerful tools. They believed this strategy would not only increase streams for "CERBERUS" but also attract followers to their playlist.

Startingwith a small budget, they targeted audiences with similar interests, such as biking, and created compelling content for their campaign. Initially, they invested $200 over two weeks and quickly saw impressive numbers for Cost per Click and Cost per Conversion. Encouraged by these results, they increased their budget to $800 over two months to further amplify their reach.

The Execution ✅

Biking with Francis utilized SymphonyOS's advanced features to optimize their campaign. By leveraging the Increase Music Streams Playbook, they were able to:

  • Drive Traffic to Their Playlist: The targeted ads directed potential listeners to their curated playlist, where "CERBERUS" was prominently featured.
  • Increase Playlist Followers: The engaging content and strategic targeting led to a significant increase in playlist followers.
  • Boost Streams for "CERBERUS": As more listeners discovered the playlist, the streams for their single "CERBERUS" saw a substantial rise.

The Results 📈

The campaign delivered outstanding results for Biking with Francis:

  • Multiplied Playlist Followers: The strategic use of SymphonyOS tools led to a significant growth in playlist followers.
  • Increased Streams: The streams for "CERBERUS" increased substantially, as the song was effectively promoted within the playlist.
  • Cost-Effective Campaign: The team achieved excellent metrics for Cost per Click and Cost per Conversion, maximizing their budget and delivering high returns on their investment.
  • Playlist Growth: 1200%
  • Follower Growth: 40%

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