Bobby Demario

Bobby Demario, an emerging artist, found a unique way to connect with his fans and build a vibrant community. By leveraging SymphonyOS’s pre-save feature, he was able to engage with his audience on a personal level and create a dedicated group of followers.

The Goal ❓

Bobby wanted to build a strong community of fans who would support his music and participate in his artistic journey. His goal was to use a creative approach to not only increase pre-saves for his songs but also foster a sense of belonging and engagement among his fans.

The Strategy 💡

Bobby utilized SymphonyOS’s pre-save feature to drive fans to a unique destination after pre-saving his music. Instead of a traditional website, he directed them to a Snapchat group chat. This innovative approach allowed Bobby to interact with his fans directly and create a personal connection.

To attract fans, Bobby took to TikTok Live, where he engaged with viewers in real-time. TikTok Live’s algorithm effectively introduced new users to his stream, where Bobby would talk about his music, play some of his tracks, and encourage viewers to pre-save his upcoming releases.

The Execution ✅

By integrating SymphonyOS’s pre-save feature with his TikTok Live sessions, Bobby was able to create a seamless funnel for building his community:

  • Live Engagement: Bobby used TikTok Live to reach new audiences, share his music, and promote his pre-save link.
  • Community Building: Fans who pre-saved his songs were directed to a Snapchat group chat, where Bobby interacted with them, shared updates, and gathered feedback.

The Results 📈

The results of Bobby’s innovative strategy were remarkable:

  • Strong Community: Bobby built a Snapchat group chat with over 200 active users.
  • Fan Participation: The group chat allowed fans to participate in Bobby’s life, contributing to merch ideas and fostering a genuine sense of community.
  • Increased Engagement: The personal interactions and live engagement helped Bobby cultivate a loyal fanbase that was invested in his music and journey.

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