EARTHGANG, a dynamic hip-hop duo, and their team sought a reliable and cost-effective way to market their music. They wanted a strategy allowing potential fans to engage with their music without the hassle of constantly creating new campaigns. SymphonyOS provided the perfect solution.

The Goal ❓

EARTHGANG and their team sought a cheap, consistent method to market their music. Their goal was to implement a strategy that required minimal effort while still driving high engagement and conversions. They needed a reliable way to maximize streams and reach new fans on a tight budget.

The Strategy 💡

EARTHGANG turned to SymphonyOS’s Increase Music Streams campaign, which offered high-conversion event campaigns for a minimum of $10 a day. This approach allowed them to maintain a daily ad spend throughout the month without the need for constant campaign management.

With a focus on efficiency, EARTHGANG’s team used SymphonyOS to run ads with a cost per click (CPC) as low as $0.09. This low CPC enabled them to achieve consistent conversions and drive streaming events throughout the entire month.

The Execution ✅

By utilizing SymphonyOS’s Increase Music Streams campaign, EARTHGANG was able to automate their marketing efforts. They set up a $ 10-a-day budget, ensuring that their ads ran consistently without needing daily adjustments. This automation allowed the team to focus on other aspects of their music career while SymphonyOS handled the marketing.

The Results 📈

The results of this automated marketing strategy were impressive:

  • Cost-Effective Campaign: With a CPC of $0.09, Earthgang achieved consistent and affordable conversions.
  • Increased Streams: The steady ad spend drove significant streaming events, increasing their overall streams.
  • New Fans: EARTHGANG successfully reached and engaged new listeners, expanding their fanbase.
  • Better cost per click than competitors: 30%
  • Jump in clicks to Streaming Services: 64%

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