Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes, a beloved country music artist, was in the midst of rebranding and gearing up for an extensive tour. While his fanbase was strong, ticket sales in certain cities were underperforming. Hunter’s team knew they needed a strategic marketing push to ensure every venue was filled with excited fans.

The Goal ❓

Hunter Hayes’ team faced a critical challenge: boosting ticket sales in cities where they were lagging. They aimed to create a highly effective tour marketing strategy that would specifically target these underperforming locations and drive conversions. Their goal was to ensure a successful tour with sold-out shows across all venues.

The Strategy 💡

To achieve their goal, Hunter Hayes’ team partnered with SymphonyOS, leveraging the powerful "Increase Link Clicks" feature. This strategy involved creating highly targeted ads that guided fans directly to the ticket purchase pages, optimizing the user experience and maximizing conversions.

SymphonyOS's advanced targeting capabilities allowed Hunter’s team to reach the right audience based on key demographics, interests, and behaviors. This precise targeting ensured that the ads resonated with potential fans, particularly during Hunter’s pivotal rebranding phase.

The Execution ✅

Focusing on four specific cities, Hunter’s team deployed SymphonyOS’s tools to create compelling and targeted ads. They utilized the platform’s advanced features to ensure the ads reached the most relevant audience, driving engagement and encouraging ticket purchases. The seamless user experience from ad click to ticket purchase was key to maximizing conversions.

The Results 📈

The results were remarkable. Hunter Hayes saw a significant increase in ticket sales across all targeted locations. The strategic marketing push delivered impressive outcomes:

  • Improved Conversion Rate: The targeted ads achieved a high conversion rate, significantly boosting ticket sales in the underperforming cities.
  • Sold-Out Shows: The precise targeting and effective ad strategy helped turn underperforming locations into sold-out shows.

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