Shreea Kaul, an emerging artist with a growing fanbase, experienced a viral moment that sparked significant interest in her new song. Her team saw this as the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the buzz and convert newfound attention into lasting followers. They needed a strategic plan to ensure that fans who discovered her music would continue to follow her journey.

The Goal ❓

Shreea Kaul's team was gearing up for a new release and wanted to make the most of the viral momentum. Their goal was to ensure that fans who pre-saved her upcoming album would also follow her on streaming platforms. They aimed to create a lasting connection with new listeners, ensuring they would never miss future releases.

The Strategy 💡

To achieve their goal, Shreea Kaul's team turned to SymphonyOS and its Boost Followers feature. SymphonyOS had developed a unique tool that automatically allows fans to follow the artist when they pre-save a song. This one-of-a-kind feature would help Shreea Kaul's team maximize their reach and ensure fans remained engaged.

Using SymphonyOS’s pre-save boosts, they set up a comprehensive campaign to collect valuable fan data, including names, emails, and locations. Every fan who pre-saved the album would automatically follow Shreea Kaul's streaming service profile, thanks to the Boost Followers option. Additionally, they utilized the Forever Save feature to keep fans connected with every future release.

The Results ✅

The campaign delivered impressive results. Shreea Kaul's team achieved a 20% increase in followers, ensuring that fans who pre-saved her album remained connected and engaged with her music.

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