Cash Cobain

Cash Cobain and Ice Spice, two dynamic artists, sought a unique way to create pre-save hype for their new "Fisherr" remix. They wanted to gather valuable fan data and maximize engagement for a surprise drop, and SymphonyOS’s pre-save feature provided the perfect solution.

The Goal ❓

Cash Cobain aimed to entice potential fans with a captivating landing page for his new remix with Ice Spice. However, he struggled to find a tool that met his needs for building anticipation and collecting fan data until he discovered SymphonyOS’s pre-save feature.

The Strategy 💡

By sharing a snippet of the "Fisherr" remix before its release, Cash Cobain and Ice Spice’s team generated significant hype and excitement among fans. They realized they could further capitalize on this anticipation by collecting data from potential fans who were eager to hear the full track.

To enhance the campaign, they utilized SymphonyOS’s new no-release date pre-save feature, designed specifically for surprise drops. This innovative approach allowed them to gather fan data without revealing the exact release date, maintaining the element of surprise and keeping fans engaged.

The Execution ✅

Using SymphonyOS’s pre-save feature, Cash Cobain and Ice Spice:

  • Generated Hype: Shared a teaser of the remix to build excitement and anticipation.
  • Collected Fan Data: Encouraged fans to pre-save the track, capturing valuable information for future marketing efforts.
  • Leveraged No-Release Date Pre-Save: Utilized SymphonyOS’s new feature to keep the release date a surprise, enhancing fan engagement and anticipation.

The Results 📈

The results of this innovative campaign were impressive:

  • 20% Forever Saves: A significant portion of pre-saves were converted into forever saves, ensuring fans would automatically receive future releases.
  • 604% Increase in Monthly Listeners: The strategic pre-save campaign led to a substantial increase in monthly listeners, expanding the artists' reach and fanbase.

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