JOG, a new artist with a distinctive, melancholy sound, was eager to grow his streams and monthly listeners organically. He knew his music had the potential to resonate deeply with the right audience, but he faced a major challenge: finding the right playlists without falling into the trap of websites using bots.

The Goal ❓

JOG’s goal was clear: to find genuine playlists where his song could thrive and connect with real listeners. He wanted to ensure his music reached an audience that would appreciate its moody, dream-like vibe, but he needed guidance on which playlists would work best for his sound.

The Strategy 💡

To achieve his goal, JOG turned to SymphonyOS and its Curated Playlist Playbook. With the Symphony Pro discount, he accessed the lowest-cost playlist option available, targeting playlists with at least thirty thousand followers. JOG crafted a compelling playlist pitch, highlighting how his song's melancholic and chill vibe would resonate with moody listeners.

Utilizing SymphonyOS’s vetted, user-generated playlists, JOG ensured his song would be placed in front of real, engaged listeners. The playbook’s industry professionals guided him through the real listening and pitching process, helping him avoid fake playlists and bot-driven sites.

The Results ✅

Although JOG faced a few rejections, he ultimately succeeded in getting his song accepted into two playlists with a combined following of 42,300—well over his initial target of thirty thousand. The impact was immediate and substantial:

  • Super-charged streams: JOG's monthly listeners increased by an astounding 342%.

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